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Solutions are the Goal!

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Biomec equine’s focus is on the horse’s ability to move beneath it’s rider smoothly and pain-free whether your horse be used for performance or pleasure riding.
With this focus as the core, fit and balance of the saddle, fit and balance of the rider and optimal muscle function of the horse is the objective. Saddle fit can be checked, rider position can be assessed keeping in mind overall saddle suitability. The impression pad can give an inside view of how your saddle is sitting on your horse and highlight any pressure areas.
As a fully qualified Equestrian Australia coach for 20 years rider position can be assessed and improved if necessary. I have owned and trained my own horses for over 30 years.
Bowen Treatment (soft tissue) and Trigger Point Therapy can be applied to your horse including Red Light Therapy and Cold Laser Therapy.
Solutions are the goal and if the source of problems (if any) can be found then ongoing treatment and cost can be avoided.

*Introductory prices start from $80 maximum 50km distance from Eleebana or you can bring your horse to Eleebana where assessments can be done with horse ridden in 20x60 sand arena. Off street parking available. Sessions approximately 1 hour.

*Impression Pad session includes - Full assessment of saddle fit before being ridden, the impression pad for minimum 20 minutes and management plan takes approximately 1 hour.

Introductory fee is $80 per session plus $20 travel fee depending on location. You can bring the horse to my enclosed sand arena in Warners Bay area and avoid travel fee.

For further information message her or phone Sue on 0417 261 550.